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TCD endorses national candidates for CDA leadership

Texas — Anticipating the Summer National Convention of the College Democrats of America being called to order and national elections, Moses Glickman, vice president of the Texas College Democrats (TCD), released the following statement:

"The Texas College Democrats are pleased to announce its endorsements for College Democrats of America (CDA) leadership — a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds, deep experience, and commitment to the cause of campus organizing. Those candidates are:

Kelly Woodson of the District of Columbia for national president, and Jonathan Kamanta of California of national vice president.

Logan Roberts of Connecticut for chair of the National Council.

Ellis Clark of Rhode Island for vice chair of the National Council.

Caroline Ennis of South Carolina for secretary of the National Council.

Heavin Cecilia of Texas for national director of Programs.

Bella Armenta of Texas for national director of Membership.

Trevon Hardy of Texas for national director of Development.

Banks Stamp of Alabama for national director of Political Affairs.

Hector Mendez of Texas for national director of Communications.

Julia Larkin of the District of Columbia for national director of Digital Strategy and Mobilization.

"We are so excited to see so many Texans running. Four for four, Bella, Trevon, Hector, and Heavin have done tremendous work on the chapter and statewide level, leading massive projects to success and helping dispense knowledge and resources to chapters from Lubbock to Laredo. Our nation’s largest swing state is one hell of a training ground, and we are confident that they will supply the same innovation, dedication, and capability for CDA as they do each day for TCD.

"For CDA, this was a year of both challenges and opportunities. From ongoing DNC negotiations to providing critical chapter support in the off-year, CDA is at a turning point and the next year will have impacts that rebound for the long term. We are so impressed by these candidates, and we can’t think of a better group of individuals to have at the helm."

Because a number of our Federation's Executive Board's voting members are candidates for national office, the Executive Board deferred the motion to endorse to a committee. The committee was chaired by Vice President Moses Glickman, with members Abraham Sanchez, Miranda de la Garza, Nicholas Tennesse, Trinity Altemeyer, and Larissa Charles. TCD President J.J. Martinez, serving as national chair of the CDA Elections Committee, recused himself from endorsement considerations and was not involved in the process. All officers who are candidates for national office recused themselves as well.

These endorsements reflect the views of the statewide organization; chartered chapters are welcome to support (and vote for) other candidates.


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