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Statement from the Texas College Democrats

Texas — The Texas College Democrats unequivocally condemns the antisemitic remark National Vice President Nourhan Mesbah tweeted in 2016. There is absolutely no place for antisemitism in our Party, much less in the College Democrats of America. We agree with others that the statement released by the national vice president in response to the tweet was unacceptable, and hope she acknowledges the hurt felt by Jewish members across campuses, period.

Similarly, we condemn the harassment the national vice president has faced since the remark was published, both by members of the national organization and individuals and organizations outside it. Islamophobia has no place in our organization — it is unacceptable and should be denounced by us all.

What is clear is that we, nationally and in our own Federations, have significant work to do in combatting and ending antisemitism in our spaces, and in addressing the targeting of members, particularly Muslim members and members of color more broadly. However, that work will not happen if we don’t begin to listen to each other, educate ourselves about issues we are ignorant of, and reconcile with the hurt that has been caused. If our first instinct is to tweet at each other instead of engaging with each other, to write statements against each other instead of listening and learning from each other, this national family will splinter sooner rather than later. This cannot be how we do things, and this culture is not one Texas will have any part in.

Therefore, the Texas Federation strongly supports Chair Anushka Hassan's decision to call a special meeting of the National Council. We ask that at this meeting members have to opportunity to honestly and earnestly discuss and address antisemitism and harassment within our national organization, as should have been done immediately after the election. And, in the spirit of accountability and reconciliation, we are introducing a resolution which censures National Vice President Mesbah for her tweet and implores her to undergo trainings about antisemitism and cultural sensitivity. This resolution also implores all of us, as individuals and as organizations, to educate ourselves about these issues, to engage with one another, and to work tirelessly in being allies and fostering safe, progressive spaces.

NCRes-Censuring and for other purposes
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We urge other Federations to join us in our call for national conversation, education, and reconciliation.



Trevon Hardy

Director of Equity and Inclusion

(832) 229-4482

Johnny Ruffier

Director of Political Affairs

(915) 345-6888


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