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Farewell letter from the President


It has been a great privilege to serve as your president. I am grateful that you placed your confidence in me and in my ability to lead our Federation through a time marked by change and renewal. I hope I have done right by you.

In one year, we have managed to accomplish extraordinary things that will have a profound impact on our Federation and on our state for months and years to come. From funding chapters in every corner of Texas and overseeing the registration of nearly one thousand new voters, to changing the internal workings of our organization for the better and preparing for the largest State Convention in our history, and so much more, I can say, without a doubt, we accomplished what we sought out to do. That is thanks, not only to me and vice president, but to our hardworking Executive Board, statewide team, and chartered chapters.

When Moses and I ran, we promised to work to usher in the Federation we knew we could be. A Federation that, above all else, proved that college Democrats organizations can lead with respect and decency for each other at the forefront of everything that they do. That politics, especially at the collegiate level, can be remembered, not for its pettiness and divisiveness, but for the work that it does to bring about real and lasting change. A Federation that proved that we are not the future of Texas or the Democratic Party or the country — we are the now.

To every college student that is part of our Federation and works to see a better Texas realized, thank you. Thank you for showing up, standing up, and speaking out for what matters most and for the most vulnerable among us. Thank you for never giving up on this Great State that we all love.

The Good Book tells us that though “weeping may stay for the night, joy comes in the morning.” Each of us, doing this work, are that joy.

Keep the faith, always,


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