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TCD endorses candidates for CDA leadership

Texas — Today, the Executive Board of the Texas College Democrats (TCD) announced that it has endorsed a number of great candidates running for College Democrats of America (CDA) leadership. 

Following the historic changes demanded by the Coalition of State Federations, we trust the following candidates to continue to bring about much needed change to the national organization. And, we trust these candidates to stand up for our Federation, and all Federations, to ensure college Democrats across the country are respected and at the forefront of the Democratic Party.

On behalf of the Texas College Democrats, the Executive Board is proud to endorse the following candidates:

For president, we endorse Gabi Harris of Texas. 

For vice president, we endorse Tas Al-Michael of Oklahoma.

For director of communications, we endorse Marcus Coppola of South Carolina. 

For director of digital strategy and mobilization, we endorse Mike Messina of Virginia. 

For director of membership, we endorse Larissa Charles of Texas.

For director of political affairs, we endorse Keith Nagy of the District of Columbia. 

For director of programs, we endorse LaNiqua Jones of Ohio.

For National Council chair, we endorse Cameron English of Louisiana. 

For National Council vice chair, we endorse Brennan Munson of Texas.

For National Council secretary, we endorse Kimberly Collins of Rhode Island.

This endorsement follows a candidate forum, open to all of the Texas College Democrats' chapters, in which all of the candidates aforementioned attended and addressed those attending.


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