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A message from our Equity & Inclusion team

The Executive Board unanimously adopted historic Federation-wide Community Agreements.

It is with great pleasure we announce that the Executive Board has unanimously passed Federation-wide Community Agreements within the Handbook of Operating Procedures. This historic step in the right direction ensures that our officers, chapters, and organization partners are held to the same standards upon entry or collaboration with our Federation.

The guidelines contain our mission statement, organization assumptions, code of organizational conduct, and an inclusive language and common terms guide. Our hope is that these guidelines will not only act as a checklist but will stand as the default — treating individuals with respect and kindness while promoting equity and inclusion through our actions.

This Federation will continue the work necessary to ensure that each individual who interacts or works alongside us in our mission feels a sense of belonging no matter their race, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, orientation, gender identity, or any other factor that makes an individual unique and themselves. The Department of Equity and Inclusion has worked tirelessly to ensure that the guidelines allow for representation and Federation-wide equity.

In this same breath, we understand that these guidelines are just the start to the systemic equitization and equalization that this Federation strives to achieve. We hope that these guidelines bring growth, challenge, and most importantly, thought.

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate this milestone with us, and please keep being the change that is increasingly needed in the world.

The Community Agreements can be found in the Handbook of Operating Producers here.


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