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Texas College Democrats endorse candidates for Congress

Texas — Today, the Texas College Democrats announced that it has endorsed three additional candidates for Congress. These candidates represent the best of our state, and we trust that they will continue to fight for the things that matter most to college and university students.

For Texas's 15th Congressional District, we're proud to stand with Michelle Vallejo. Michelle is running an unapologetically progressive campaign, with policies to back it up. Whether it's fighting for tuition-free public college and canceling student debt, raising the minimum wage, or embracing the border, Michelle represents our Federation's values full stop.

Visit to learn more about Michelle and donate to her campaign.

We're proud to endorse Rep. Garcia in her re-election bid for Texas's 29th Congressional District. Rep. Garcia has proven to be a strong voice for Texans, and especially for Texas students. District 29 is lucky to have her representing them in the Halls of Congress as their progressive champion.

Visit to learn more about Rep. Garcia and donate to her campaign.

We stand with Rep. Doggett for Texas's 37th Congressional District in his re-election bid. Rep. Doggett has proven himself to be a true progressive, standing strong in the fights for the future of our state and our country. In whichever District he serves, Texans are sure that they have a strong voice for what matters most, and he has always been a friend to young Texans.

Visit to learn more about Rep. Doggett and donate to his campaign.

The Federation endorsed Rep. Veronica Escobar for Texas's 16th Congressional District and Jessica Cisneros for Texas's 28th Congressional District earlier this year.


Press Contacts

J.J. Martinez


(915) 490-1646

Johnny Ruffier

Director of Political Affairs

(915) 345-6888


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