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Brandon Bradley elected speaker of the Federation Council

Brandon Bradley, speaker-elect.

Earlier this week, the Texas College Democrats announced that Brandon Bradley of The University of Texas at Austin was elected by the Executive Board to serve as speaker of the Federation Council. As such, Brandon, the president of the University Democrats, will also chair the Committee on Rules and be the Federation's parliamentarian.

Brandon's election follows the speakership resignation of J.J. Martinez, who served in the interim to ensure that the governing documents ratified in November were brought to fruition. "The speaker's role is one of impartiality, fairness, and transparency," said J.J. "I am confident that Brandon will be all these things and more in the chair. It's time the Council function as was intended."

Brandon, also the secretary of the College Democrats of America Disability Caucus and newly elected volunteer coordinator of the Austin Young Democrats, will take office on March 8, 2021. He will be the second speaker of the Council.

Brandon can be reached at


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