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New Constitution and Bylaws

Establishment. In May, President Joe Cascino appointed the Select Committee on the Governing Documents to present a new Constitution and Bylaws for ratification. The Committee has since become the standing Committee on Rules.


Procedure. The Committee will formally report the completed documents before the Fall Convention. Amendments may be submitted, and the Committee will report such amendments to the Convention for a vote. Ratification requires two-thirds of the Convention delegations voting in the affirmative. 

Suggestions. Any suggestions or concerns may be addressed to the chair via email here. The draft documents may be found below.

Feel free to comment on this Google Doc with feedback; please include your name and chapter so the Committee can get back to you if needed.

2020 - 2021

Committee members

J.J. Martinez, Chair

Tyra Allen

McKenzie McPherson

Alex Meed

Johnny Ruffier

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