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Texas College Democrats raise $4,600 to support Texas students impacted by coronavirus

The Texas College Democrats (TCD) announced today that it has raised $4,600 for the Coronavirus Assistance Student Trust (CAST). Launched by TCD's Development Department in early May as a response to the global pandemic that is ravaging through Texas, CAST has been able to provide microgrants to more than 45 students across the state.

Thanks to supporters from across the state, including many elected officials and community leaders, TCD was able to raise $1,600 more than the original goal of $3,000. These generous donations allowed TCD to award more micogrants and reach more students across Texas. Special thanks to State Representative Gene Wu, former Congressman Beto O'Rourke, youth representative-elect to the DNC André Treiber, Adam Loewy, James Summers, Hanna Glickman, Kat Hoang, and the team at Blue Future.

During this pandemic, TCD remains committed to helping out students and working with local leaders to address the concerns and needs of those impacted. Further, we remain committed to electing Democrats in November to ensure that every Texan — and every American — is able to recover from the economic and social disasters the Trump Administration has forced.

TCD's Development Department is led by Moses Glickman, development director.


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