About us: Organizational governance




Every year in the Spring, college Democrats from across the Great State of Texas gather for the State Convention, the highest governing authority of our Federation. Chapters send delegates to the State Convention to elect new officers, among other things.

Council of

the Federation

The Council of the Federation is the highest governing authority of our Federation between State Conventions. Each chartered chapter is represented by its president and each identity caucus by its chair. The Council is chaired by the speaker of the Council, assisted by the speaker pro tempore and clerk.



The Executive Board has general supervision over the Federation and is composed of all Elected Officers. The Board is chaired by the president.



A Grievance Commission is an independent investigative body used to resolve internal disputes that may arise among members of the Federation. Grievance Commissions are composed of officers of chartered chapters and impaneled when grievances are filed.



on Rules

The Committee on Rules addresses issues regarding the Constitution, Bylaws, and any other governing documents of the Federation. The Committee has original jurisdiction over disputes concerning the governing documents. The Committee is chaired by the speaker of the Council.