If you're a passionate student Democrat on a Texas campus that doesn't have a TCD Chapter, you can get the process started!

Here are the steps you need to take to get your campus chartered:

1. Form a provisional executive board: You may use TCD's board as a guide to the positions necessary to run a club, but at the minimum you need a President, a Vice President, and 3+ extra positions. Some of our chapters have just 5 officers while others have a dozen! You will need each of these positions filled out by an interested person.

2. Write a club constitution: Don't worry, we'll help you through this one. A constitution for your chapter is necessary to enshrine the rules of your club. How long will the officer terms be? What's the process for impeachment? How do you change the rules if they become ineffective? What's the process for removing a member? How does the club endorse in local races? All of these questions are answered in a constitution. The TCD guidebook located below contains general tips and advice for writing a constitution.

3. Send an e-mail: When you're done with the first 2 steps, send all the information about your provisional board and constitution to our President and Development Director in a single e-mail. If you're having trouble completing these steps for whatever reason, e-mail anyway and let them know. TCD is more than happy to assist you in the chartering process.


The TCD Executive Board is working tirelessly to get our chapter guidebook finished and available for download. The guidebook will feature information about recruitment, fundraising, social media strategy, dealing with bureaucracy, and more.

Additionally, you can expect to see chapter swag packages available here soon! Every chapter will have the opportunity to receive free TCD-themed buttons and other materials.

If you have pictures from chapter meetings, organizing events, protests, or other occasions that you think could be shared on TCD's social media, feel free to submit those here. You may also choose to e-mail those to the Communications Director.

TCD Chapter Guidebook 

coming soon


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